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Summarise categorical or continuous data

Summarise measures of association from a 2x2 table

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This utility provides summary measures of association and independence for a 2x2 table. Output values (including confidence limits) are calculated for cohort, cross-sectional or case-control studies, as specified.

Input values

Inputs are table values, confidence level required and type of study. Measures of association calculated include:

  • - Overall incidence/prevalence for cohort or cross-sectional studies;
  • - Overall proportion of cases for case-control studies;
  • - Incidence/prevalence in exposed/non-exposed cohorts for cohort or cross-sectional studies;
  • - Proportion exposed in cases and controls for case-control studies;
  • - Odds of exposure in cases and controls for case-control studies;
  • - Odds ratios for all study types; and
  • - Relative risk, attributable risk, attributable fraction, population attributable risk and population attributable fraction for cohort or cross-sectional studies.

Statistical tests for independence calculated include:

  • - Uncorrected Chi-square statistic and p-value;
  • - Yates corrected Chi-square statistic and p-value;
  • - Fisher's exact p-value; and
  • - McNemar's test for paired data.

See Thrusfield (1996). Veterinary Epidemiology. 2nd Edition. Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK, for more information on methods.

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